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The term "the whole nine yards" means there are 9 yards of belted 50 caliber on a front gun on a bomber or the greatest set of aviation instruments loaded with innovation from Insight.

So when they say "give me the full 9 yards" Get Insight !!!

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Key Points

Backseat Readable G4 Engine Monitor ...

G4 is simply the most advanced engine monitor on the market today, full of new innovation like exhaust valve analysis, vibration, probe diaognosic inflight or on the ground, Air Data Computer with winds aloft and GPS interface just to name a few.

Winds Aloft with Air Data page on GPS in real time ...

With our TAS-1000 you will get Winds Aloft in real-time making fuel management bang on. Another great benefit is knowing the crosswinds on final with our heads up Windicator display.

360 Degree Lightning Detection ...

STRIKE FINDER is a time proven lightning detection instrument that has saved pilots time and time again for over 30 years.

More Options

If panel space is a problem then you might want to consider a G3 2.25" monitor with the same functionality.


Running LOP or ROP, then read is this page.

Leaning with Insight

Read our new G4 Quick Start Guides.

G4 Quick Start Guide

Innovative Aviation Bundle


Decades ago Insight introduced the first instrument to display cylinder and exhaust gas temperature of all cylinders simultaneously.

This innovation eventually became the industry standard as all other manufacturers followed suit. Engine monitors depend on numerous temperature probes that have equal potential to inform or confuse when any of them fail.

In fact probe failures can easily be confused with engine failures.

Only the G Series has a  probe diagnostic system built in.


The essential component for your GPS system. Today’s modern avionics integrate many functions  with your GPS, but standard installations leave many important features untapped.   The TAS 1000 Multi-Function Data Source was specifically designed to supply all the information needed to fill in the missing pieces of your GPS or MFD display in real-time.


Digital Weather Avoidance System detects and analyzes the electrical activity emanating from thunderstorms within a 200 nautical mile (nm) radius of the aircraft. A unique graphic display plots an accurate, reliable and easily-interpreted picture of electrical activity, that you can use to circumnavigate the hazards associated with thunderstorms.

Meet the 9 Yards...

With this line up of great aviation instruments you will be the talk of the tarmac.


G4 Engine Monitor

G4 Graphic Engine Monitor is equipped with all new patented features that will never be found on any other engine monitor.

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Having Winds Aloft is important in cross country flights for accurate fuel planning along with wind info landing at new runways.

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Now that you have the engine monitored and know the winds aloft you need to know where the bad weather or thunderstorms are.

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