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Insight has an investment in technology that includes computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining and LSI multi-layer surface-mount technology PC boards.

The company’s latest acquisition is a testament to the operation, We’ve just installed a ‘pick and place’ type machine to build our circuit boards. As a company, this is a new stage for us.

Through its measured growth and investment in innovation, Insight has established itself as company that may never be big and may never want to be. However, it is a company that will keep finding new ways to respond to owner/operator challenges as only an owner/operator might.

During the summer of 1981, a radical new instrument appeared in the Bonanza's panel.  A one-of-a-kind instrument. Bright orange bars of gas plasma climbed the display, constantly monitoring and instantly responding to every power stroke. The new instrument had a finger on the pulse of each cylinder, and demonstrated the ability to graphically depict the whole spectrum of power plant operation. Never again would a simple problem like a fouled plug spoil the enjoyment of a night flight!

The worlds first Graphic Engine Monitor had been created. It's public unveiling at the 1981 American Bonanza Society convention triggered a demand for the revolutionary GEM.  Insight Instrument Corporation was formed that same year to manufacture the GEM model 602, rapidly becoming the new standard in engine monitors.

1983 saw the introduction of the GEM model 603. An optimum combination of digital and analog display formats, the 603 added a digital numeric display to the now-famous Insight bar graph.

The success of the GEM allowed Insight to make a daring decision. In 1986 work began on an ambitious research and development program. Insight's computer science expertise and aviation experience were focused on creating a new-technology, digitally based airborne weather avoidance system. The basic principles of long-range storm detection had been public knowledge for several decades, but commercially available products for pilots were painfully expensive and outdated. The challenge was to utilize the latest computer technology to produce a reliable, accurate and lightweight storm detection system at a price pilots could afford. Insight Avionics Inc. was created in 1990 to build Strike Finder SF2000, Insight's solution to the thunderstorm problem.

Like the GEM before it, Strike Finder has set a new standard in the aviation world by offering quality and value at a very competitive price.

In response to relentless market demand, the Insight design team announced in 1992 another avionics first, the GEMINI 1200 data-logging Graphic Engine Monitor for twin-engine aircraft. The GEMINI raised standards again. With it's classic GEM look-and-feel, the worlds first engine monitor specifically designed for twins boasts a vast standard features list including a wireless computer interface for programming and data-logging.

The GEM 610 followed in 1993. Although similar in appearance to the GEM 603 released 10 years earlier, the 610 includes all the same advanced features of the GEMINI system.

Strike Finder customers were the first to hear in 1994 of Insight's development of a self-contained heading stabilization system for Strike Finders, using cruise-missile technology. The gyro-less design installs in minutes and will never require adjustment or overhaul.

The GEMs and Strike Finders reputation for performance and ease of use are no accident. Insight's designers combine a thorough understanding of aircraft systems, technology, and the cockpit environment to craft instruments that are finely tuned to the needs of the pilot. Mechanics and technicians recommend Insight products because they are easy to install and upgrade, and rarely need maintenance.

Insight's history of innovation and refinement are based on an endless cycle of research, development, manufacturing and quality testing.

We work closely with our suppliers and customers to ensure the most efficient application of new ideas and latest technologies to problem solving.

Computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), CNC machining, highly efficient Assembly language programming of embedded processors, and LSI multi-layer surface-mount- technology PC boards are just a few of the state-of-the-art technologies used to create Insight products.

Graphic Engine Monitors and Strike Finders now protect pilots and passengers of thousands of aircraft around the world. Typically installed in high performance IFR equipped singles and twins, thousands of GEMs perform daily service in every type of aircraft. Although a relative newcomer in the avionics world, Strike Finders are now standard equipment for aircraft operated anywhere that the sound of thunder may be heard.

Insight continues to research and develop exciting new avionics systems such as the TAS 1000 Multi-Function Data Source with aviation's first winds aloft display.

As emerging technologies become practical, watch for Insight to bring even more innovation and value to the world of aviation.