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Information you need to know before you upgrade
your existing engine monitor

An engine monitor upgrade kit has everything except the EGT, CHT, TIT probes
and wiring harness.

Everything else is in the box.

TIP! If you have a really old install, you might want to install a full new kit to get another 15 to 20 years of trouble free engine monitoring.


Upgrade Installations

GEM upgrade kits are designed to utilize existing Insight Instrument Corp. EGT/CHT/TIT/OAT wiring and probes that are already installed in the aircraft. Prior to ordering an upgrade kit,
inspect the aircrafts existing GEM wiring and probes for condition, suitability, and length for use with the new GEM.

Older GEMs are 6.5 inches deep and the new ones are only 4.5 inches deep.

If an existing harness is not suitable for upgrade use, new replacement harnesses are available from Insight.
Older GEMs were typically installed as supplemental (non-primary) EGT/CHT/TIT instruments.

New G-Series GEMs may be used as primary EGT/CHT/TIT instruments.

Check the GEM STC for eligibility.

Check the existing GEM instrument-panel location for compliance with the new GEM's location requirements.

Primary instruments require clear and easy visibility for the pilot which may not have been required for existing non-primary instrument installations.

If you order a upgrade from your existing 602, 603, 610 or GEMINI 1200 to one of Insight's new advanced color engine monitors G2, G3, G4 Single or G4 Twin monitors remember you will get everything in the kit except the engine wiring harness, EGT, CHT, and TIT probes.

You just need to install any new additional functions that came with your New G Series monitor.

You send the old head back to Insight, working or not.

If you order a new full kit you will get everything.


Upgrading from GEM 602 or GEM 603

Many aircraft have been equipped with GEM 602 or GEM 603 systems.
Model 602 systems supported four or six cylinder engines, and 603 systems supported four or six
cylinder engines with turbo-chargers.

Any 602 or 603 equipped aircraft can be easily upgraded to a G-series GEM system.

New G-series GEMs are plug-compatible with existing wiring and EGT/CHT/TIT probes from a GEM 602 or 603 system with one difference, the instrument ground wire (black) may have been attached to the engine case and should be moved to an airframe or avionics ground.

See wiring drawing 1200-018.

The new GEM housings are shorter than old GEM housings, check that the harness length is sufficient to reach the new GEM housing.

G2 and G3 models have a top control knob that requires a clearance hole in the instrument panel, check GEM display drawing 610C-001 and outline drawing #930309 for hole sizes and locations.

G2, G3 or G4 G Series is a functional direct replacement for a 602 or 603. Specify four or six cylinder, and turbo-charged or non-turbo at time of ordering.

G2, G3 and G4 models have an additional interface connector (P2) to provide connections to supplemental features such as fuel flow sensors, tachometer ,etc.

Upgrade kits contain much of the wiring and sensors to accomplish installation, contact Insight for details.

G4 models are available in single engine and twin configurations. The G4 displays fit
into a standard 3.125 inch panel hole. See drawing #930309.

Upgrading from GEM 610 or GEMINI 1200

Upgrading from models 610 or 1200 is similar to upgrading from 602 or 603 with a few differences.

Previous 610 installations will already have all holes drilled for panel mounting a G1, G2 or G3, while G4 models require a 3.125 inch hole.
Previous installations of 610 and 1200 models may already have an Insight OAT probe and wiring that can be retained and connected to a G-series GEM. See wiring drawing 610C-315.

Upgrading to G4 Single

The single engine G4 display (3.125 inch) is plug compatible with the G3 display (2.25 inch). Refer to 610C-315 and 1200-018 wiring diagrams.

Upgrading to G4 Twin

The twin engine G4 display is plug compatible with the EGT/CHT/TIT wiring harnesses of legacy GEMINI 1200 installations. The G4 twin display has an additional interface connector (P2) to provide connections to additional sensors such as fuel flow and tachometer, etc. Refer to G4-315 and 1200-018 wiring diagrams.

Upgrading two GEM installations in twin-engine aircraft

Twin engine aircraft may be equipped with two single-engine GEM displays or a twin engine GEM display. Check the ground wire configuration if upgrading from older GEMs. Wire the thermocouple harnesses according to wiring diagram #1200-018.

Install the supplementary feature wiring according to wiring diagram 610C-315for 25-pin D-sub connectors and diagram G4-315 for 37-pin D-sub connectors.

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