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G9 Tandem Display Engine Monitors - G9 Master/Slave mode
G9 Tandem

Starting with version 128, the G9 can be configured to operate in one of the following three modes; normal, master, or slave.

The G9, by default, is setup to run in normal mode.

If you have just one G9 you do not have to do anything.

If you have two G9s then the one that is wired to all the probes and sensors must be configured as master and the other one must be configured as slave.

G9 Slave

When configured as master, in addition to its usual functionality, the G9 also transmits the following engine measurements:

  1. Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) for all cylinders
  2. Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) for all cylinders
  3. Engine RPM (Tachometer)
  4. Fuel flow (gallons per hour)
  5. Outside Air Temperature (OAT)
  6. Manifold (Absolute) Pressure (MAP) (inches of Mercury)
  7. Oil Pressure (PSI)
  8. Oil Temperature
  9. Optional Carburetor Temperature, optional Turbine Inlet Temperature (TIT).

When configured as slave the G9 receives the above measurements and displays them.

The slave display is essentially a clone of the main screen of the master.

The G9 slave displays only this main screen.

Turning the page knob of either the master or the slave has no effect on the display of the G9 slave.

Depending on the way the master is configured the slave may also display carburetor temperature and/or Turbine Inlet Temperature (TIT).

When the user/pilot/mechanic changes the configuration of the master the slave automatically reconfigures itself to match the master.

For example, if the master is configured as a 9-cylinder radial engine then the slave will display the information for exactly 9 cylinders etc.

The master can be configured to display temperatures (EGT, CHT, OAT, and OIL temperature) in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The slave will automatically display them using the same temperature scale.

In slave mode the G9 does not display lean boxes. It also does not log any data.