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G-Series Software Update Troubleshooting

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Having trouble updating your G-Series instrument? This checklist may help:

1. Did you put the update file on a compatible SD Card?

The G-Series intrument is only compatible with SD-Card formatted FAT16 (sometimes simply called FAT). Newer, larger cards are typically formatted FAT32 and are not supported. For best results, use an SD Card supplied by Insight

2. Did you put the update file in the correct folder?

The G1, G2, and G3 expects the update file to be placed in the subfolder named G3UPDATE. The G4 expects the update file to be placed in the subfolder named G4UPDATE and the G9 in a subfolder named G9UPDATE. The instrument automatically creates the appropriate directory when the SD Card is first inserted. Placing the update file in the root directory or a directory of your own creation won’t work.

3. Is your update file named correctly?

The G-Series expects the update file to have a specific name. If you’ve renamed the file, the instrument will not recognize it. Don’t alter the update file in anyway.

4. Did you download more than one copy of the update file?

When Windows downloads a file more than once, it saves each copy of the file by slightly renaming each one to append a number in brackets to the filename. If you see files such as “G123UPDT.322 (1)”, the number in brackets means that this is a duplicate file and the filenames won’t match. Don’t copy any duplicates to your SD Card; use the original file! If in doubt, delete all copies of the update file, and download it again. You can always find the latest versions of all our current products at

5. Have you already used this copy of the update file before?

We deliberately engineer each update file to only be used once. If you’ve already used this SD Card on a different instrument, the update file will be marked as “used” and can’t be used a second time. To update another instrument, you will need an unmarked copy of the update file. If you downloaded the update file to your computer, you can copy it over to your SD Card a second time (say “yes” when Windows asks if you want to overwrite the existing file).

6. Do you have a tech-savy person you can ask?

Let’s face it. We can’t all be computer geniuses. Maybe things aren’t working and a fresh set of eyes will see the problem right away. Asking your nearest teenager may be the quickest way to get things working.

7. We’re here to help.

If you just can’t get the update file to work, give us a call at 905-871-0733 (Mon-Fri 9-5 EST) and ask for “Tech Support”. Or shoot us an email at and we’ll sort you out!