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Fahrenheit or Celsius?


G3 version 284 and G4 version 159 software release May 2014


The latest software for both the G3 (version 284) and the G4 (version 159) permits the user to select either Fahrenheit or Celsius for all of the temperature measurements.

The G1 and the G2 do not have this capability and display all temperature measurements in Fahrenheit.

On the G3 or G4 your choice affects both the values on the LCD display and the values logged to the SD card.


All of the following temperature measurements are affected.

  • OAT - Outside Air Temperature

  • CHT - Cylinder Head Temperature

  • EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature

  • TIT - Turbine Inlet Temperature

  • CARB- Carburetor Temperature

  • OIL - Oil Temperature

The user’s choice does not affect the following temperature related items so they are always in Fahrenheit.

  • CHT redline - Redline for Cylinder Head Temperature
  • TIT redline - Redline for Turbine Inlet Temperature
  • ROP/LOP threshold - Threshold for Rich of Peak/ Lean of Peak
  • EGT Inflection point - Temperature at which bar height changes

If you have a G3, G4 single, or G4 twin and update to the latest version your temperature measurements will remain in Fahrenheit unless you configure your instrument for Celsius. So if you wish to keep using Fahrenheit do nothing further.


To change to Celsius simply press and hold the PG button (top button on the G3, left button on the G4) and then turn on the avionics power.

Turn the PG knob counter clockwise to get to the MISC CONFIGURATION screen.

Press the SEL button (bottom button on the G3, right button on the G4) to select TEMPERATURE on line 3.

The selected line will be YELLOW. Turn the SEL knob to select FAHR for Fahrenheit or CELS for Celsius.

The selected item will be RED. Push the SEL button to select SAVE CONFIG line. Turn the SEL knob to select YES in RED. 

Press and hold the SEL button to save your preference.