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Thanks to everyone that came in the booth at Oshkosh

G4 with GX-MFT

G4 and GX-MFT temperature, vibration and now electrical analysis.


Temperature, vibration, electrical and now lightning analysis.

G4 with GX-MFT a STRIKE FINDER and TAS-1000

Temperature, vibration, electrical, lightning  and now air data analysis.
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  •        "New G Series Expanded FAA -TC STC AML List"
  •         Thanks to everyone that came in the booth at Oshkosh.
  •        G Series engine monitors just keep getting better and better!
  •        Only probe diagnostic page to help mechanics.
  •        We solve today‚Äôs problem right now!
  •        Complete range of monitor choices in price and features.
  •        G Series data logs on SD Card for easy retrieval.
  •        Any PC or MAC with Excel to professionally analyze flight data.
  •        G3 and G4 has exhaust valve analysis - EGT Variation Spectrum
  •        The only injector nozzle balance analysis, the key to lean of peak
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PatentLandmark Patent - No.: 8,473,176 B2 The US patent office has granted the G Series patent. 
It is the most comprehensive engine monitoring patent ever granted. 
All of the G Series unique and revolutionary ideas are protected for 20 years.

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